How to Choose a Good Laptop for College Students – What to Consider

Having a laptop can be very helpful for learning in college. The students should have an effective laptop to keep notes and conduct research. The contribution of a laptop in the college education is eminently unavoidable.

Writing your thesis and formatting homework assignments are all activities which require the use of a portable laptop. Some of these activities may require a fast and effective laptop to perform. Even though a college laptop should be affordable, however, it should be efficient in performing wide swath of functions. Efficiency, speed, and durability are some of the major consideration while purchasing a college laptop.

Thus, this article will explore what to consider while choosing a good laptop for college students.

Criteria for Choosing a Good Laptop

 Go for a Portable-Size Laptop 

Moderately portable laptops are good for students. The idea of buying a laptop for students is to enable them take notes in class , unless the student is majoring in engineering with a CAD workstation.

It is practical to purchase for a laptop that weighs under 4 pounds with a display of 11 to 14 inch. In some exceptional cases, film students who edit their masterpiece assignment may be obliged to purchase relatively larger screen to improve their work. Ideally, to maintain portability and usability, the 13-inch screen is the desired portable size. Emphasize on the bigger screen may be taken by engineering and art students.

Durability of the Laptop :

Laptops and other electronics made from aluminum, magnesium alloy or carbon fiber are recognized for their durability. The customer should also check the labeling claims and read what the manufacturer has claimed.

Despite the appearance, some laptops are designed to survive drops from certain height. For instance, Acer Chromebook 11 N7 model is designed to survive drops from a particular height beyond which it gets finished. Students should go for spill-resistant keyboard laptops. The classroom laptop should pass MIL-SPEC 810G durability tests. The durability concerns for classroom laptop is significant to reduce extra expenses on repair of laptops.

Go for a Laptop with Specs for the Long Haul 

Counterfeit laptops are likely to become obsolete even before graduation. This is a serious wastage of resources. Assessing key internal components of the laptop before making a purchase is a fundamental step in ensuring the originality.

Original products with model serial from the manufacture are always lasting. However, counterfeit products simply take few days to become obsolete. The customer should assess the following internal components before purchasing classroom laptop.


Some laptops with the low-res display are not good choices for writing papers or research.  The college laptop should have a display of 1920 * 1080 resolution. This will give a sharp text which can fit on the screen. Arts and engineering students can opt for a resolution of 2560 * 1440 (QHD). Meanwhile, the very high-res display takes more power from the battery.

Even though touchscreen display laptops are good, however, they consume a ton of power. It is not recommended for classroom laptops.


Experts from Essay Zoo urge that an Intel Core i5 or Core i7 CPU are most efficient college laptops. However,  students a tight budget can choose to buy Core i3, Pentium, or Celeron CPU though their performance is relatively compromised.


A good college laptop should have around 4GB RAM for seamless performance. However, engineering and video students can budget for a 8GB  RAM laptop. These machines have the potential to run everything without interfering with multitasking.

Storage Drive/Hard Drive 

SSD machines are efficient than a fast processor machine. However, SSDs offer less storage space. The students with more media files may need to store extra information in the cloud.


College laptops should have 802.11ac Wi-Fi Standards rather than the conventional 802.11n.

Go for a Laptop with the right Operating System 

College laptops are purposively meant for learning. They should have the right OS which will successfully comply with the future workloads. Windows 10 complies with many university software requirements.

Go for Quality Battery Life 

Classroom laptop should be efficiency and promise in battery life. A good college laptop should last for about 8 hours with battery while operating. However, there are some laptops like Lenovo models with exceptional battery life.

So, here are some good models which will be the right choice for college students.  Even though these laptops could have restricted price, however, they are durable, efficient and reliable in conducting research.

HP Chromebook 13 

Chromebooks model are suitable and efficient laptops for light activities like word processing, email, and web browsing. The Chromebook model is desirable for the student since it has got high-performance speed.

College students can use the machine to write a perfect essay within few seconds. Compared to MacBook, Chromebook 13 has got more ports, a higher resolution display, and a more efficient keyboard. In 2018, college students should struggle to acquire one Chromebook 13 for their classwork assignments.

Dell XPS 15 

This model is another elegant newest make of the college students. Dell XPS 15 is recommended due to its high performance, battery life and unique display. The model has got the most beautiful design in the market.

Besides its impressive appearance on the desk, this laptop can handle the editing of the video projects. All students especially the arts and engineering majors should eye this latest model in 2018

HP Spectre x360 

This model is the favorite design for the college students. This machine is designed for a robust performance alongside the latest Intel processor and a unique keyboard.


In conclusion, college students are encouraged to take time and go for the best laptop models, especially for their class assignments as it is also a tool which will help them write a perfect essay.

It is pointless to spend on cheap but unreliable laptops, yet there are many models with good performance. Durability and efficiency of the laptop should be the most vital concerns while making a purchase.
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